01-Consulting Session

         If you need customized hardware products (aluminum parts, copper parts, iron parts,

etc.), please contact customer service to provide us design drawings.


02-Provide Drawings or Samples

        Send the detailed design drawings of the spare parts that need to be customized (part

size, tolerance, quantity, and material need to be marked in detail on the paper! That is 2D or

3D drawing files)to the customer service staff.

03-Budget Quote

        The customer service staff will submit the drawings to our engineers, and the customer

service staff will feedback the information to you after the engineer completes the price

verification and construction period expectations.

04-Confirm Payment

        When you confirm the quotation and decide to customize the product in our factory,

youcan pay according to the corresponding amount.

05-Mail Acceptance

         The factory will complete the production within the estimated construction period (if thereis an abnormality in the delivery period, you will be notified in advance) to arrange delivery.